Malena Montenegro Santos


Malena takes care of the front Desk of Garces Dental Group and was born into a family of musicians and spending her childhood in an environment full of Latin jazz, pop and rock, either listening to rehearsals, filming concerts or hanging out backstage. She has had a number of different interest and professions, including a former mime and TV reporter.

After back packing in Europe and graduating as a Social Communicator, she moved from Guatemala to Philadelphia, where she married a wonderful man that she loves. She volunteers as a Coordinator for the Community Health Day for Garces Foundation and also for the Wachovia Educational Resource Center of Philadelphia Museum of Art, translating Lesson plans for teachers into Spanish.

Malena loves the arts, cooking and a good craft beer.

Malena Montenegro Santos
I feel great every time I visit Garces. I never thought I’d say this, but it makes me want to visit my dentist!