Family Dentistry


Dental Cleanings with the hygienist consist of an intra-oral examination, oral cancer screening, X-rays, periodontal probing (measurements around the base of the tooth) cleaning with the cavitron and/or scaling instruments, polish, homecare recommendations, and an exam with the dentist. This appointment takes approximately 1 hour and should be completed every 6 months for patients that do not have a periodontal disease history.  It is important to stay on track with this appointment in order to prevent new disease, prevent recurrence of previous infections, and to monitor signs of cavities, periodontal infections, and lesions on the soft tissue.

*New patient appointments consist of a complete review of medical history information, full mouth series of X-rays, cleaning with the hygienist, and complete comprehensive oral exam with the dentist. These appointments generally take and hour and a half and it is recommended that paperwork is completed PRIOR to this appointment.

*It is recommended that children should start seeing the dentist around age 3, unless there is an area of concern that needs to be addressed. It is helpful to bring children prior to their first appointment to introduce them to the dental office environment as being a pleasant experience and to review homecare techniques and the child’s diet with the parent/ guardian.

Before you visit the dentist we encourage you to watch some of these informational videos to familiarize yourself with why cleaning is so important and what you can expect from your appointment.

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