Family Dentistry

Bridges & Dentures

Bridges / Fixed Partial Denture

The best long term option to replace a missing tooth is with an implant. Another option is a bridge, which is also known as a fixed partial denture.  If you are missing a small section of teeth, a bridge is a natural-looking set of crowns/caps that can be cemented in to fill that space. A bridge consists of a fake or dummy tooth with a cap attached on each side.  The cap on each side is cemented to the teeth next to the open space and will support the dummy tooth in the middle.

A bridge/ fixed partial denture consists of two dental appointments. In the first appointment, the natural teeth next to the edentulous area are reduced in size in order to be prepared for a crown/cap. An impression is taken and sent to the lab for the bridge to be fabricated. A temporary bridge is then placed in the mouth. In the second appointment, the final product from the lab will be cemented in and adjusted if needed.

It is very important to clean under the bridge and to floss the supporting teeth.  Super floss, proxy-brushes, and/or a water pik should be used each day in order to clean under the bridge. Our hygienist will be sure to show you how to care for your new bridge.

Removable Partial / Full Denture

A removable denture is used to replace some or all of the teeth. Replacing the teeth is important for eating, speaking, supporting the facial muscles, and of course restoring your smile!  A series of 5 appointments are needed in order to fabricate a customized denture. During the first appointment, an impression is made and sent to the lab. The lab produces an impression tray that allows us to make a more detailed impression, which it taken during the second appointment.  The following appointments consist of teeth selection, delivery of the denture, and any adjustments at no additional cost.

It is important to soak your removable dentures in a denture soaking solution each night to clean the appliance and allow your oral tissues to breathe. It is not recommended that the denture is brushed with toothpaste, as it can be very abrasive to the denture and cause small scratches that can harvest bacteria.

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