Family Dentistry

Dental Services for Your Whole Family

Garces Dental Group is a place for your whole family to come and experience excellent dental care and services.

Family Friendly Atmosphere

The Garces Dental Group invites patients of all ages. Providing customized dental care for your family allows us to develop relationships that we value. We aim to provide the highest quality of care through honest examination. Our staff maintains a comfortable atmosphere in our waiting area and examination rooms. Caring for our patient community is our number one priority. We offer generous discounts for patients that do not have dental insurance. Our services include pediatric dentistry, care for the elderly, and complete dental
care for adults.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our dentists take special care of children patients. We guide them through all check-ups and procedures while being extra gentle. Learning dental care at a young age is crucial to a healthy smile. We incorporate a playful attitude while teaching daily routines as engaging children to learn about dental care is one of our most rewarding tasks. Children coming in before their first visit is welcomed, so they can become familiar with our pleasant staff and environment.

Dental Care for the Elderly

Taking care of our teeth does not stop after a certain age. We want to provide piece of mind in daily life by having a confident smile. In achieving so, we offer services such as crowns and dentures. Replacing teeth impacts your whole life. Speaking, eating, and smiling should be 100% comfortable. To ensure the best fit, dentures are fitted over a series of appointments, ranging from 2-5. During these visits, dentists will discuss appropriate cleaning methods as they are very different and important to maintaining healthy teeth.

Complete Dental Care and Maintenance for Adults

We offer both clinical and cosmetic dentistry to provide an all around dental experience. Services ranging from cleaning to veneers can be accomplished with the ease of visiting the same dentist. We carefully evaluate patient medical history and nutritional habits.  A healthy smile is not only attributed to oral hygiene, but an overall healthy lifestyle. Our approach of prevention includes teaching proper dental home-care techniques, to make sure healthy smiles are in the making. Don’t forget to visit at twice a year for a check-up!

I feel great every time I visit Garces. I never thought I’d say this, but it makes me want to visit my dentist!