Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures provided at Garces Dental Group, Old City Philadelphia include:


Tooth whitening has become very popular and is frequently requested by patients. Most commonly, we recommend the convenient custom trays that the patient is able to use in the comfort of their own home. The bleaching treatment process is one to two times per day for 30 minutes and the patient is able to do touch-ups in the future as needed. This method is extremely convenient and can be adjusted for each patients personal needs and satisfaction.
In order to fabricate the custom trays, it only takes 2 short appointments.  During the first appointment, an impression is taken during and it is sent to the lab. Approximately 2 weeks later, the second appointment is scheduled to have the custom trays tried into the mouth and receive the bleaching materials.
One small drop is placed into each tooth on the tray and the patient wears the trays for 30 minutes each day for two weeks. It is important to not get the solution on the gums during this treatment. Once the trays are in the mouth, a damp toothbrush or washcloth can be used to wipe the gums so the chemical does not cause any gingival irritation. Tooth sensitivity can occur from any whitening procedure. The patient can whiten less frequently if needed. The patient can also do “touch-ups” every couple months, if needed, to brighten their smile.
We also offer in-house whitening procedure in one appointment that is approximately an hour long. During this appointment, a mouth brace is used to comfortably keep the patients mouth open. The lips and gums are coated with a protective preparation and the teeth are coated with a specifically designed whitening gel. The ZOOM light is then shined into the mouth for 15 minutes. The procedure is then repeated three times to break up the stains and discolorations on the teeth. This procedure is not recommended for patients who experience tooth sensitivity.


Veneers are thin layer of restorative material that are permanently bonded to the front of the teeth in order to improve the shape of the teeth or significantly enhance a patient’s smile. The results can be very impressive! Veneers can last many years with proper home-care and regular 6-month cleanings.
In the first appointment, an impression of the mouth is taken and sent to a lab for the veneers to be made. The patient comes to the second appointment to have the dentist place each veneer on each tooth. And that is it!! The patient leaves with a brand new smile and self confidence!